Arducopter 2.7.4 How Long ?

Hi Guys,

Asked this question in another thread but never got answered. I really believe that the development team do an outstanding job :-) But we never seem to get any updates on the next release until its released.

I would like to see more info available on were we are with then next step!

If we want to test beta version how do we get the code (and yes I know) its beta but I would like to keep in the loop and test this as well SO some info would be great as there seems to be a lack of it just now.

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  • Thanks guys but I already know about these links and how to configure and upload beta versions to the board what I would like to know is how to get the up to date version of the beta So I can test them and yes I am aware of the risk's.

  • Instructions for getting the code are here, but this code changes pretty frequently as changes are evaluated by the developers. I find it interesting to monitor what is happening in the development, but risky just to pick the status of the day and fly with. There is a single GIT repository for the combined Arducopter/Arduplane/Mission Planner projects.

    Zip files of the source for new releases can be downloaded from here.

    Instructions for building/downloading are here.

  • All working progress can be viewed here:

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