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Dmitry Eliuseev replied to John Mulligan's discussion Px4 Testing
"PX4 is cool and seems much more powerful, but I don't understand: what is the official 3DR roadmap for this boards?

APM 2.5/2.6 now looks like the complete solution: it have the case, new compass at 2.6, etc. Improving 2.6 seems strange btw, Atmega…"
Jul 25, 2013
Dmitry Eliuseev replied to Gábor Zoltán's discussion Adding extra functions to MinimOSD
"Hi all.

Thanks to MinimOSD Extra developers. Based on this code, I made version for YS-X4/X6

Details on rcgroups thread http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1893795 "
May 19, 2013
Dmitry Eliuseev commented on Sam Kelly's blog post New 3D Robotics product: u-blox LEA-6H GPS
"I ordered LEA-6H on store.diydrones.com, but cannot launch it in U-center.
Some strange behavior:  
- default speed is 38400, usually 9600 on other models
- when I switch output from UBX to NMEA, data flow is stopped. No NMEA data from gps. Why?
Dec 22, 2012
Dmitry Eliuseev replied to Graham Miller's discussion Arducopter 2.7.4 How Long ?
"All working progress can be viewed here: https://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/source/list"
Oct 10, 2012
Dmitry Eliuseev replied to Austin Chapman's discussion List of tested/working transmitters with Arducopter
"I had some problems, with my Futaba.
- Original Futaba receiver - works well.
- Orange RX receiver - works well.
- Corona receiver - jitter on 5th channel (F/S was switched off and settings were checked).

So, some hardware may be incompatible,…"
Oct 7, 2012
Dmitry Eliuseev posted a discussion
Hi all. I'm glad to be on this forum, maybe my information will be useful.Today I did the mission flight, it was not my first flight, and everything was ok before.I've added 2 points: first at 700meters from start point, type WAYPOINT, second is RTL…
Oct 6, 2012