After several frustrating weeks, I pin-pointed the problem to my Devo 10 transmitter. It's simply not compatible as far as I know and I tested it with a cheap hobbyking transmitter and it worked perfectly.

The instructions say there are some issues with various transmitters including Speckrum. 

I would buy the hobbyking one but don't like the fact that it uses AA batteries rather than a rechargeable lipo.

So please tell me what you have gotten working and what model/make and average range so I can make a informed decision on which to buy based on price and performance. (both receiver and transmitter) 

I'll list them below so everyone in the community can have access to this information. 

Thanks in advance!

Below are the ones that are confirmed working-

 Futaba 9CAP
Spektrum DX6i Tx / Spektrum AR6210 Rcv with Satellite Rcv
WFLY WFT09 with assan module and assan D8R receiver
All the big brand 2.4GHz Tx systems will work, JR, (newer) Spektrum, Futaba, Hitec, Airtronics, etc

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  • Same problem here. Devo 7 is not working with apm. I tried to plug servo with it and it's ok. But still no response on the inputs during radio calibration. Green meter is not moving

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    Turnigy 9x + FrSky has been working well for me.

    If I were buying one now I would probably get it from . The model they sell has the easily detachable default module (FlySky).

  • My Devo 10 works perfectly with APM 2. 

  • I have a Hitec aurora 9 with one optima 7 and one minima 6 and works very well ( the minima 6 have less range be it's ok )

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    Austin, We use WFLY WFT09 radios at jDrones but not with Assan or Corona modules. All our radios have FrSky modules. These radios are really great for their task and a lot better than Turnigy radios. 

    In generally I cannot see any reasons why you cannot get your Devo working. Basic rule of RC systems that will work with ArduCopter is that if you can connect what ever normal RC Servo on it's receiver and you have minimum of 4 channels then you can use it on ArduCopter too. Some receivers have pins upside so check that.

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  • I am using a FS-TH9X (same as the Turnigy from Hobbyking). I replaced the AA battery holder with a rechargeable LiFe 1800 battery. I replaced the TX module with a FrSky DJT. Am running the ER9X firmware. It all works great with the APM2 and Arducopter.

  • Futaba a radio 9cap use, with module ct8f corona and the quad are 4, each corona CR8D rx. excellent without interference, long distance, economic. In apm 1.4 and 2.5

  • Using a futaba 14mz w/ a 2.4 futaba module and a hobby king corona 14ch 2.4 rx on apm1 works great even w/ xbee 2.4 and a hobby king 5.8 video tx on board.
  • I had some problems, with my Futaba.

    - Original Futaba receiver - works well.

    - Orange RX receiver - works well.

    - Corona receiver - jitter on 5th channel (F/S was switched off and settings were checked).

    So, some hardware may be incompatible, don't know why. And, Chinese quality is some kind of lottery, anyway.

  • I have a Hitec Aurora 9 radio and it works wonderfully. I've used it on the APM 1 and APM 2.5 too. It has a feature that many other radios these days don't which is a removable transmitter module so if you want down the road it can be replaced with a UHF transmitter module for long distance FPV use. Radios like the Spektrum models have a permanent transmitter module that is not user replaceable or serviceable.

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