After upgrading to Arducopter 2, I was finally able to go for a test flight.


Besides changing from ArduPirates NG code to Arducopter 2.0.31, I changed my props from 12x45 to 10x45 but kept the 880KV Arducopter motors.


The hexa seems more responsive that it did with the 12x45 props and Ardupirates NG.  I'm not sure whether it was the smaller props making it better or the newer code.


When I decided to reduce the prop size but keep the more powerful motors, I figured that smaller props would be easier for a motor to adjust RPM.  And with hexa having to more motors than quad, the "heavy lift" capability of the 12x45 wasn't needed.


Can anyone give me some tips on PID tuning based upon the video I've posted.  I'm pretty happy of how stable the copter is in the confined space given all the air turbulence.  But I think there is some tuning that can be done, but I'm not sure what needs tuning. So I'm hoping that someone with more experience can take a look at this video and tell me.



Compare that to how it flew before the change





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    Test flight 3, out in the open!


  • I like your frame, where did you get it.
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    Are you running the stock PIDs? I think you can use more dampening. You are bouncing around a bit. I would try and almost double it. You will see the wobbles degrade much faster with a higher stabilize roll and pitch D.
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