Fort Calhoun, NE

About Me:

I am an electronics and computer engineering student. I have about 2 years left in the program.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am interested in building a UAV for my grandpa.


Omaha, NE

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Brandon replied to Brandon's discussion making own APM 2.0 purple board?
"Does anyone know?"
Feb 20, 2012
Brandon posted a discussion
I see there are the eagle files on the product page for the APM 2.0 purple, so I was wondering if it was possible to use those to have the pcb's made?  It says "Not recommended for production, for reference only"  Is there somewhere where I can get…
Feb 19, 2012
Brandon replied to Dusty Starbucks's discussion Things that go up........(sniff, sniff, tears)
"I know the feeling. I had my quadcopter for about 6 months before I suffered a major crash. I regretted buying a nice frame for my first one. If I could do it over I would buy one of those cheap $15 frames off of hobby king (even a few of them) so…"
Feb 8, 2012
Brandon posted a discussion
I am wanting to sell my AC, basically I just want to get a smaller one and I don't have the money for it so I'm going to sell this thing.  
Feb 4, 2012
Brandon posted a discussion
What kind of functionality do I get with just the GPS and APM?  I know I can't do auto land without sonar, but what else can I do or can't do with this setup?  
Feb 2, 2012
Brandon replied to Ruwan's discussion Understanding the importance of warnings!
"I did the exact same thing and my wife witnessed the whole thing as well.  My quad flew straight up into the ceiling and just shattered the frame, (it was cheap wood), but luckily everything else survived.  I learned my lesson as well, the hard way.…"
Jan 28, 2012
Brandon posted a discussion
So after my first major crash with one motor cutting out for some reason and my quad ending up smashed and breaking two motors I'm thinking about a Y six configuration. My main question is if one of the motors gives out will the redundancy in motors…
Aug 17, 2011
Brandon commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Video of 3D printed plane flying
""It's slow and expensive." I'm sure that could have been said of every single technical or electronic invention."
Aug 7, 2011
Brandon replied to Arifin's discussion Is yaw problem while gps on already solved ?
"Do you have a magnetometer? The same thing happens to me, I have GPS but no magnetometer so I'm wondering if it happens because the GPS doesn't have the magnetometer to keep it in check."
Aug 1, 2011
Brandon commented on Alan Sanchez's photo
"I know you built this yourself, but how did you make it....did you buy the parts online, custom build them yourself with a cnc machine, or have a local shop make the parts?"
Jul 17, 2011
Brandon posted a discussion
I did 3 flights with my quad this morning and the first flight went flawlessly.  On the second one, the quad suddenly yawed about 45 degrees really fast to the left.  I thought it was the wind or a fluke, so I brought it down (with a hard landing)…
Jul 10, 2011
Brandon replied to basshead's discussion X and + mixed up?
"Did you set the + configuration in the CLI?"
Jul 5, 2011
Brandon replied to Hai Tran's discussion Arducopter 2 - Hexa: 1st flight looking for PID tuning tips
"I like your frame, where did you get it."
Jul 3, 2011
Brandon posted a discussion
I have only used my quad as a hobby and for fun.  However, I was at the farmer's market last night and got to talking to a farmer there about my quadcopter.  He told me how it would be a useful tool to be able to take videos and pictures of his crop…
Jun 30, 2011
Brandon replied to Helldesk's discussion ACM 2.0.30 indoor test / RAW log!
"You know you got me thinking, my quad requires more than half the throttle applied in order to get it airborn as well.  I would like to know how much throttle other people apply to get their quad airborn. "
Jun 30, 2011
Brandon replied to Tom in NOVA's discussion What size propellers for DT700 700Kv (900g thrust) motors and a quad Hobby King frame (55cm)?
"I have that frame but it's a carbon fiber version and not plywood. My suggestion is not to get that plywood frame as it WILL break on your first crash. Even a semi-hard landing will cause the arms or the landing gear to crack.
As for the props, I…"
Jun 29, 2011