problem with yawing real fast suddenly

I did 3 flights with my quad this morning and the first flight went flawlessly.  On the second one, the quad suddenly yawed about 45 degrees really fast to the left.  I thought it was the wind or a fluke, so I brought it down (with a hard landing) then fired it up again.  Same thing happened about 2 minutes into the flight, suddenly yawed really fast at about 45 degrees and starting drifting away from me but I recovered and brought it down safely.  (my piloting skills are getting better) .  


I was flying in stable mode the entire time, I'm on 2.0.33, with gps, and no magnetometer.  Why would this have occured? Could it be a faulty motor or ESC?  I checked all connection and found everything to be secure.  




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  • Hello!


    I'a m new here, maybe somebody could help!


    have the same problem running 2.0.33, compass disabled. hexa with 20-22l Motors and turningy escs, 1045 propellers.

    ...suddenly it starts yawing!


    did all the homework: esc recalibration, etc.


    Can somebody share pids for similar frame (55cm, hexa, 1,6 kg with battery) to sort out wrong pid settings as a cause.


    Thanks a lot!


  • Developer

    Yawing 180° suddenly is usually caused by the quad finding a shorter route to the desired Yaw angle. So say you are holding 0° and your copter has turned to 188° because of wind, ESCs that are not calibrated, or tilted motors. The shortest route is to go 172° CW to reach 0° again. Because the quad wanted to go CW to begin with, it rockets around CW to get to 0°.


    This is mostly a hardware issue with the quad setup not balancing the output of the counter rotating thrust.


  • I have the same problem with beta 33. I was hovering gently, and all of a sudden the quad yawed quickly some 180 degrees or so. This happened twice (!).


  • I have a very similar issue. My original post is here
    Unfortunatly I have not found a solution.
    Mine will rotate 90* at a time.
    Things I have tried

    Balanced the blades. (A nice improvement in vibration)
    Soldered the filters on the IMU
    Isolated the IMU/APM with several strips of 3M tape
    New Battery
    Moved the Receiver (away from the ECS's)
    Loaded the latest code 2.0.33 at the time

    The last time out it rotated a full 360. Hit the High Desert pumice sand (fully pilot error, duh) and filled the motors with metalic material --- FYI don't ever do that.. you will spend the next hour or two cleaning out the motors.

    I plan on dropping the GPS on the next flight to see if that corrects it. If not... I guess I start the shot gun troubleshooting method and replace the IMU, GPS, and APM one at a time.

    If this is a hardware failure can someone suggest what part would most likely cause this behavior. I'm hoping that a suggestion can save me a few hundred bucks.
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