SO had the below problems and finally hooked up the Hobbyking FTDI USB adaptor to the top of the oilpan and now I have full functionality, able to do everything and now have a spare APM!!!!

I bought the Arducopter setup last year and right from the start I had problems trying to hook up the Oilpan to a USB cable.

After struggling for a while, I decided to just can it and bought another one, Happily the new one works perfectly.

However I would really like to get the old Oilpan working, I have been able to program the original 2560 by attaching the new Oilpan to it and connecting to the computer, so the problem is definitely a broken oilpan.

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be and or how to test it? I was thinking maybe the FTDI chip was broken??

(I say this with hesitation as I don't want a flame war, however I bought both AP's from uDrones, and had no help from them whatsoever.)


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Ok, I am going to try putting a new ftdi chip in, the one selling at hobbyking which is the same chip - hopefully that will work otherwise I will try programming it with the good oilpan and explore using it that way. I don't know if the oilpan also needs to be programed or if it is just used by the 2560 for the sensors.

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