Arducopter 3.0.1, Loiter and Gimbal issue

Hello, I using a DJI450 frame (with KEDA motor 900 Kv and 10x4.7APC propeller) and under it  I installed a gimbal for a GOPRO, this gimbal is small but has own weight.

Before to use the gimbal I upgraded the firmware to 3.0.1 and all was really ok, loiter was doing it's work very well (MAG calibration done, compass declination in auto learn mode), but after gimball install the quad started to to large circle in loiter mode.

So, I found some threads but speaking about loiter and circle but, I'm sorry , I cannot found suggestion for my problem.

Please could somebody suggest me some idea ?



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  • Have you run 'compassmot'  with the gimbal in place and turned on? don't forget to flip your blades and rotate them one position.. tie the copter down etc.

    also helpful if you post dataflast and tlogs.

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