With the new ArduCopter code, it is possible to set the RADIUS to 0 allowing the aircraft to rotate on a single axis for panoramic images etc.

It it possible to set the amount of rotations the aircraft can perform before returning to its initial position.

For example, if the aircraft is pointing north when CIRCLE is first engaged with a 0 RADIUS, it would be ideal if a parameter could be set for the aircraft to perform 1 complete rotation before returning back to its North position and holding.  If changing mode back to away from CIRCLE and then back again, it would restart the rotation again.

If the parameter was 2, it would complete two complete rotations before returning back and holding again.

Any views? 

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yes, i read a post by Randy (or maybe it was chris, it was a dev nonetheless) that said if the circle radius is set to zero, it will do a loiter (so to speak) while rotating. But i dont recall anything about number of rotations.

This feature would be nice. Is it possible to set the speed in which the copter turns?

Yes, CIRCLE_RATE sets the speed (in degrees per second).

Steven, as for the request to stop after a certain number of turns, that sounds like the intention of the LOITER_TURNS mission command (https://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_Waypoints#LOITER_TURNS) , though I'm not sure the status on whether that's working at the moment.

Here's a little demo clip of the CIRCLE mode with a 15m radius:


Looking good! :-)

Sorry to bother you guys...  But, can anyone give some advice on performing Circle Mode with a Radius of 40 Meters?  What should I set the Circle_Rate?  I continue to get a partial circle and then corkscrewing towards the center.  It's killing me!  Please help.  Appreciate it in advance!  Thanks.

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