hey i am planing on buying the ArduCopter 3DR and i would like to know a couple of things

A. how stable is it

B. do i need to buy anything else

C. what specs should the li-po be

D. if the 880 KV motor was designed for a 12x45 prop. why is there no option for that prop when adding it to the cart?

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ok i think i may have posted this in the wrong section

From a noobs PoV

A) It is very stable (remember, I'm a noob so it might be rubbish? ;)  I can hover it in front of me and trim my eyebrows with the props. has to be windless though. I can stab the throttle and it climbs without any oscillation. I can then close the throttle and it falls like a stone. Arrest the fall and there is a slight wobble as it sorts things out but fine.

B) You need a radio and batteries. A few spare props would not go amiss.

C) I have 4 2200 11.1V (3S) 25C (35 burst) and I can get about 12 minutes of flight out of them. less if I am being silly.

d) No idea who you buying form...

A. that is good to know. i plan on putting a camera on it once i learn to fly

B. yer i just brought the Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter

C. ok i will have a look for them on HK

D. i want to buy it from the Diy Drones store (if you go here you can see what i am talking about https://store.diydrones.com/ArduCopter_3DR_Quad_KIT_Electronics_p/k...)

Not knocking DIYDrones store and don't know the props to hand but I found buying 10 cheap props was a bargain for learning. You, and I stand corrected here, might be better off buying lots of cheap ones of fleabay. 

If you are new to it all, why not stick with stock. I have to replace two of my motors after numerous crashes (one was torn from frame :( ) So when you know you're better, get the more expensive things.

As for camera,  I taped a point and shoot to mine (all stock kit) which weights about 300-400g (yes, it's old AA powered thing) and it handled it fine. Flight was a bit different but it lifted it without an issue

i was just re-reading your post. are you saying you need to use 4 li-pos for one fly?

No, but I have 3 charged while using the 4th. As I fly then I can charge the flat ones. Flight is 10 minutes per lipo.

Turnigy do a 2=1 deal which is why I got them.

Next buy will be for the 5500mAh though - longer fly time.

ok good to know. so do you think this would do? http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__14723__Turnigy_3000mAh_4...

No comment on it other than it has to be better than my 3S 2200.

Only drawback I can think of is charge time. Most chargers can only hand 5A / 50W (Well, my Turnigy is like that).

It would not be able to charge at 5A because that would be 72W. 50W (Charger max wattage) /14.1V (Voltage of your battery) = 3.5A. As your battery is a 5AH you are looking at about 1:30 to charge it? That’s a long time to hold up a charger for a battery that only offered 20 minutes of flying.

I have two chargers which each charge a battery in 30-40 minutes so unless you buy lots of batteries and a really large charger, you’ll be sitting on the bench for a while.

My drawback is I have to land every now and then to swap batteries.


Some advantages:

Not all bad, you can fly an unmanned mission for much longer than I could. A bonus.


All of the above is theory, in practices, it might be quite different. Someone with experience might come and correct me ;)

ok thanks for the help i will get two of those li-po's with the Turnigy Accucel 6 Balance Charger.

Prop size depends on the application.  That motor was designed to spin at 880KV.  KV is thousands of rotations per minute per unit voltage supplied to the motor.  What you do with it is up to you.  

I don't know what an ArduCopter3DR is.  3DR makes several copters that use the ArduCopter software in its autopilot system, which could be the ARPM autopilot or the Pixhawk autopilot.  

You haven't told us what you intend to buy, so we can't tell you whether anything is missing.  Use the shopping cart at the 3DR website to put ideas together and read what every option offered does.  

My 3DR Y6 is a stable workhorse.  For stable video, you need a gimbal, like the Tarot 2D gimbal 3DR sells.  I like mine.  

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