ArduCopter Carrier Board Layout

I am going to send up a Chumby Hacker Board so I designed a bit larger main plate and carrier board to fit the CHB a bit better. With this larger carrier board, I can fit more "stuff" on it. Does anyone see any potential problems with this layout? I plan on running antennas down the arms of the quad. I can also put a thin wire mesh around each component to reduce interference.

carrier_board_xl(APM, Rx, Xbee).png

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  • Hi Ethan, what material did you choose to cut those for yourself? I've been planning to have them cut for me but don't know which material would be best (apart from carbon fiber, which is expensive).

  • Also, what about drilling out holes throughout the arms to reduce weight? I don't think it'll be a problem as long as they're spaced out enough. Anyone have experience with this?
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