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vision based indoor quadrotor attitude stabilisation

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Tom posted a discussion
I'd like to simulate a jDrones AC2830-358 motor using Simulink. I'm guessing, it's characteristics wouldn't be too different of many other engines with similar KV ratio, power and size. In DriveCalculator's database I found EMP2836/09 (880KV), which…
Jun 22, 2012
Tom posted a discussion
Is it possible to calculate propeller drag coefficient from thrust coefficient? Are they related in any way?I have calculated propeller thrust coefficient by simple approximation using DriveCalculator. I then made some curves in Excel and would like…
Jun 17, 2012
Tom replied to Ethan Ferrell's discussion ArduCopter Carrier Board Layout
"Hi Ethan, what material did you choose to cut those for yourself? I've been planning to have them cut for me but don't know which material would be best (apart from carbon fiber, which is expensive)."
Jan 5, 2012
Tom replied to Aurelio R. Ramos's discussion Multi rotors, the altitude yoyo effect, and how to deal with it
"All I did since now was trying to understand better what is one really measuring while "leaking" an integral. Naturally, the leaking process is more or less equal to high-pass filtering, which is more or less the opposite to integrating... That's…"
Nov 3, 2011
Tom replied to Aurelio R. Ramos's discussion Multi rotors, the altitude yoyo effect, and how to deal with it
"I made another analysis, trying to avoid anything from causing sonar reading distortions (like keeping my sleeves out of the way) and, more importantly, adding sonar dirty-derivative to show the negative phase shift induced by high-pass filtering…"
Nov 3, 2011
Tom replied to Aurelio R. Ramos's discussion Multi rotors, the altitude yoyo effect, and how to deal with it
"I researched the leaky-integrator a little further and this is what I found. I measured accelerometer velocity estimate for 3 different leak rates (0,1; 0,01; 0,001) and recorded them against sonar provided altitudes. Acc vertical velocities are…"
Nov 3, 2011
Tom replied to Patrick Hammer's discussion ROSSerial compatibility with APM in ROS User Group
"Hi Patrick,
sorry to reply so late, have you already solved your problem? I think I could help, I've been using ROSSerial with APM since it's available (also used avr_bridge before). What exactly is does the compiler say?"
Sep 20, 2011
Tom posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Hi,in case no one signalized this yet here and Jani or other AC makers wouldn't know: many people seem to be having problems with the ESC to motor connectors supplied with the jDrones ArduCopter Kit (checj here or here). I crashed my AC about 4…
Jun 29, 2011
Tom replied to Chris Anderson's discussion ArduCopter Roadmap in ArduCopter User Group
"@Pbreed: actually I think, for non-programmers tuning parameters with Mission Planner should be good enough. Those variables are then stored in a non-volatile memory from which all variables are populated in runtime. For developers changing the code…"
Jun 29, 2011
Tom replied to Patrick Hammer's discussion How to publish Ardupilot information to ROS topic in ROS User Group
"There doesn't seem to be any documentation to mavlink on the ROS Wiki: http://www.ros.org/wiki/mavlink-ros-pkg, so I'd ask this on answers.ros.org. The other thing one could do is look for packages depending on mavling-ros-pkg among other ROS…"
Jun 28, 2011
Tom posted a discussion
Hi,I already spent many hours searching through the web, so I decided to ask. Does anyone know where (apart from jDrones shop) can I buy 12x12mm 0,5mm thick alu profiles?Regards,Tom
Jun 28, 2011
Tom commented on ARHEXA's blog post First flight - first (BIG) crash
"Hi, did you solder the wires together? Did it help?
I myself experienced 5 crashes like this, firstly thinking it's me doing something wrong or the propellers getting loose. But now I know it's the hardware or software (ie. some-ware :) ) failing.…"
Jun 24, 2011
Tom replied to Caleb Chamberlain's discussion Putting the Rotorcraft/Accelerometer Question to Rest
"Thanks for your work and sharing it with others Caleb. BYU's paper's style is always nice to read."
May 23, 2011
Tom commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Why doesn't the ball fall off the quad?
"A very practical application of what's normally causing frustration in near hover accelerometer use :)."
Mar 20, 2011
Tom replied to Jahn Otto Andersen's discussion Which XBee hardware to purchase
"Maybe you can find some useful information in this post."
Mar 7, 2011
Tom posted a discussion
Hi,I'd like to use ArduCopter with ROS, so I wanted to ask you guys if anyone else would be insterested as well. I've already successfully tested ROS on a BeagleBoard-xM with a Kinect sensor. BB-xM was able to process QQVGA pointclouds @15Hz, which…
Mar 2, 2011