• I guess if it is rigid and light enough any material would be fine. I've seen frames in quite a few different materials.


    Good luck in your search! If you flew liek me you'd just order the ton from China :)





  • Tom,


    Been having a search and really struggling find anywhere that goes below 0.75 inch! This place doesn't have it but boy do they have a lot of stuff in, maybe worth an email?


    Also, have you tried your local model shop(s) as they might stock the smaller stuff?

  • Hmmmm,


    Must be lost in translation :)  Unfotunately Google is proving pretty insistent that I buy local (it keeps reverting me to UK companies!) but have a look at this place, if they don't have it maybe they can get it?



    I'll keep searching....

    Aluminum Rectangular Tubing
    Browse Aluminum Rectangular Tubing in the Continental Steel & Tube Co. catalog including Item #,Size,Working Decimal Equivalent,Estimated Weight,Esti…
  • Hi,


    Im in the UK, but searching for 12mm 0.5mm aluminium tubing produces loads of results! I had no trouble in sourcing here.


    For example this was the first result I clicked on which contains 0.5, 1 and 1.5mm wall thickness:


    Try tube instead of profile!
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