Where to buy aluminium profiles like the ones for ArduCopter frame


I already spent many hours searching through the web, so I decided to ask. Does anyone know where (apart from jDrones shop) can I buy 12x12mm 0,5mm thick alu profiles?



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Im in the UK, but searching for 12mm 0.5mm aluminium tubing produces loads of results! I had no trouble in sourcing here.


For example this was the first result I clicked on which contains 0.5, 1 and 1.5mm wall thickness:



Try tube instead of profile!

Thanks Dave, I'm improving my technical English while searching. Where I live, it's a profile :).


So I guess what I'm looking for is a 1/2" square aluminium tube, wall thickness 0,02". To me it looks like tubesupplies.co.uk only had pipes, no square tubes, or am I wrong?


I've been searching for tubes (not profiles) for the last hour but still found nothing.



Must be lost in translation :)  Unfotunately Google is proving pretty insistent that I buy local (it keeps reverting me to UK companies!) but have a look at this place, if they don't have it maybe they can get it?




I'll keep searching....



Been having a search and really struggling find anywhere that goes below 0.75 inch! This place doesn't have it but boy do they have a lot of stuff in, maybe worth an email?



Also, have you tried your local model shop(s) as they might stock the smaller stuff?

Thanks Dave. I've tried an awful lot already. Called hobby shops, retailers and manufacturers.They all sell square 12mm tubes, but with 1mm walls. A 28,5cm 0,5mm thick ArduCopter arm weights 18 grams, so 4 of them weight 72 grams. Doubling this weight would be a loss of flight time, so I won't give up easy.

They seem to have what I'm looking for in China, but unfortunately 1 ton is slightly above my needs, haven't found any retailer there.

I've also been considering modifying ArduCopter frame to suit 10,5mm square carbon fiber available at HobbyKing - that's the last resort.

Could rigid PVC be good enough? I found TP05 T211 could suit the design. Unfortunately this company doesn't ship below 2000m of material, but maybe some one else does.

I guess if it is rigid and light enough any material would be fine. I've seen frames in quite a few different materials.


Good luck in your search! If you flew liek me you'd just order the ton from China :)





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