I'm generally interested in algorithms for visual based attitude estimation aiding for indoor quadrotors. Has some one out there already made a simulation of such a system?

Until now I have read about a few options including:
  • Adapting JSBSim to my needs. I'm not sure if JSBSim already supports FPV for eg. Optical-Flow calculation so maybe it's a bad idea. JSBSim is written in C++ and I'm rather familiar with Java. A big benefit of using JSBSim, as I imagine it, would be its Simulink integration.
  • UAVPlayground: its main advantage for me is its written in Java, so for me easier to adapt. I have no knowledge yet whether optical flow simulation would be possible here as well (any users out there can answer that?)
  • ROS/Stage - at first glimpse it seems complex to learn, but maybe is exactly what I need. Supports virtual world creation (including indoor scenes)
My experience with quadrotor simulation is limited to once implementing quadrotor kinematics and dynamics as described by Randal Beard here.

Has any one got any clues on how might it be sensible to begin with it? I must also add, I'm generally questioning the whole idea of OF simulation myself a little. Maybe it's better to just come up with a PID control scheme for a quad basing on just IMU + Magneto readings like here and experiment with vision-based attitude aiding in a real system afterwards?

Anyway, should any one already have done such a simulation, please let me know.


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