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  • The POZYX Project is funded with ROS support

  • FYI... a few days ago, the Pozyx team,announced a Kickstarter stretch goal that will make sure that the Pozyx, an Arduino shield that promises centimeter localization, works with ROS. 

  • A new episode a the Learning ROS video series.


  • I still have my head wedged into CADD design of the physical drone, frame and such, but want to get into more advanced operating systems, and it looks like this may be a very good group and approach.

  • For those interested, the PXF cape is now available for 100$ through its crowdfunding campaign. Check it out here.

  • ROS, APM and mavros teleoperating a drones through CV

  • Developer


  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm building an "open source" radar scanning platform for both the LIDAR Lite and SF02 laser range finder. I hope you all will check it out at

    This project is to help those who know ROS easily put together a 360 degree scanning system that does not require any special tools (lathe, tap/die, mill) and whose parts are easily available i.e. 




  • Here is a new ROS tool to generate all MAvlink messages to ROS messages:

    This could help to control a UAV from a ROS environment



    This is a python package that enable us to create a entire Mavlink API under ROS middleware - posilva/mav2rosgenerator
  • Developer

    Can anybody with a ready system cross-compile me ROS for Saucy armhf?

    Thanks for the help!!

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ROS based drone development made easy with FlytOS

FlytOS is a framework for building high-level drone applications, such as, aerial delivery, precision agriculture, surveys, photography, industrial inspections, disaster management.It is built on ROS (Robot Operating System) and Linux, making it an ideal platform for research and commercial drone applications. It interacts with the drone / autopilot (flight stack) and exposes high level FlytAPIs in ROS, C++, Python, RESTand Websocket. These rich set of APIs allow for easy development of onboard…

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Sending Quads GPS Location over Mavlink?

Hey Everyone,I am working in a research lab that has a full motion-capture system. I was curious if anyone knew a way to send the vehicles GPS location over mavlink through roscopter. I have roscopter working, but instead of using an offboard computer as the pilot, I would like to use the offboard computer as a manager (i.e. instruct the quad to fly to a location, instead of flying it to that location). Flying indoors we have no GPS data, but my offboard computer knows where the quad is with…

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Erle-brain, a Linux autopilot powered by ROS

Hi everyone,I am pleased to announce a Linux autopilot to comes powered by ROS. As shared in the main thread, Erle-brain is sold at 269 € and puts together a BeagleBone Black (rev. C) and the PixHawk Fire Cape in a single package that weights about 75 grams and includes 25+ sensors. The hardware designs are open to anyone that wishes to improve them.The autopilot has a 4 GB eMMC flash memory that comes pre-flashed and provides:Linux 3.8 kernel compiled with the PREEMPT option (best results we…

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MAVLink to ROS generator

Hi all,I would like to announce a new python script to Generate ROS messages/topics/node/package from a mavlink message definition file.This python packages enable us to control a Robot /UAV using Mavlink protocol from a ROS environment.Please give it a try and give me some feedback.Here is the link:

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