I'm trying to publish my Ardupilot's state information over serial (usb or xbee) to my computer running a ROS node listening to those serial messages and publishing the corresponding topic.

I am currently running the latest ardupilot software and mavlink-ros from pixhawk: https://github.com/pixhawk/mavlink-ros-pkg

Can anyone help me configure the ardupilot to send the appropriate mavlink messages?

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  • Update:

    I've now got mavlink-ros forwarding mavlink messages from APM to the /fromMAVLINK topic but they don't contain any useful information by default. I've read this page about the commands APM understands but it doesn't mention anything about outputting info like Lat,Long or RPY. Has that been implemented?

  • There doesn't seem to be any documentation to mavlink on the ROS Wiki: http://www.ros.org/wiki/mavlink-ros-pkg, so I'd ask this on answers.ros.org. The other thing one could do is look for packages depending on mavling-ros-pkg among other ROS packages.

    I think the question is not specific to ardupilot in the first place, but to documentation (or lack thereof) of the package itself. Sorry I can't help anymore.

    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see it's not hosted on code.ros.org. Anyway, I recommend answers.ros.org, maybe some one knows an example. I unfortunately cannot open it's Wiki.

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