Will ArduCopter work with Xbee 868MHz?

Has anyone already tried to use ArduCopter with a 868MHz Xbee (EU), like the one from Digi (I've only found this one supplier, maybe there is something cheaper)? Will this work seamlessly with the XtreamBee Board and ArduCopter?

I've read there can be some issues with duty cycle (but I don't know exactly why), I'm a total beginner in the RxTx field.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Just found this:

  • Hi Tom.

              I don't think Martin will mind me giving praise where it's due! It was Johann & Martin who had the greatest input/reserch into the use of 868MHz. That being my input both are due respect

              Having spoken to Martin (PM), for your use its pointless following this option, although Martin did say he was looking at another promising alternative. For myself I only need 4800 baud for telemetry tracking to receive 2.4GHz. So I may yet follow it up,



  • No, Martint http://www.diydrones.com/profile/Martint

    A true gentleman.
  • Ps, eu law (i think its called ETSI) says that anyone transmitting on 868 can only do so for ten percent per hour (6 mins an hour). The higher the data rate, the more you transmit.
  • 1. Matint is the king of the 868 on here, there are lots of posts about 868.

    2. Duty cycle is a PITA, apparently you get about 40 mins at 9600.

    3. To my knowledge, lots of people have tried remote control via Xbees but I dont think anyone has got successful enough to be really using it. Time lag, jerky servos etc. Its a great Idea that doesnt work well apparently.

    4.The gentleman who is creating Openlarc from Flytron tried xbees and it didnt work well I believe.

    5. Rcgroups has a lot about xbees and rc to.
  • Developer
    ArduCopter does not know "anything" about xbees or others. It only outputs data to serial port and expects to get data in on same serial port. How data is transferred between point a <-> b is another story. So as long as you can make those 868Mhz xbees communicate between them selfs it will work with ArduCopter too.

    Transmitting data rather fast and longer distances is always a problem. Currently there are only few good ways to do this and Xbee's are one of the best ones.
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