ArduCopter KIT ordering (from EU)

Hope someone knows the answers:

  1. Does DIY Drones Store ship to Europe, or should I rather choose They used to have ArduCopter parts at, but this seems not to be the case anymore. Or are there any other options?
  2. On the DIYDrones Store one can buy an ArduCopter Quad v1.0 KIT, Partial Electronics, for 440$. How can I specify what frame size do I want?




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  • does stock APM and all sorts of bits and pieces for Arducopters etc. Try a search on Arducopter or Ardupilot. Also try or


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    We are still working to create proper distributor network. And now that Chinese New Year is over in China, we are starting to get parts again. Hopefully stock situation will get a lot better in next 1-2 months. We are working had to get production running smoothly.

    Because is the company that manufactures ArduCopters, it is always first one to have them in stock if no one else have. They also have all the latest and newest parts available, even beta and test parts.



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  • Where in Europe do you live? in Norway sells kits and parts. I don't know if they ship outside of Norway.

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  • if you can wait a week, wait...

    there will be a new shop in the UK which will offer arducopter kit:

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