I'd like to simulate a jDrones AC2830-358 motor using Simulink. I'm guessing, it's characteristics wouldn't be too different of many other engines with similar KV ratio, power and size. In DriveCalculator's database I found EMP2836/09 (880KV), which I suppose could be used for a decent simulation, or at least as a starting point.

I'd like to use a simple mathematical model given in one of the great CTMS Examples

In DriveCalculator, there are following constants I need given (or missing):

Kt = 1,142 Ncm/A (electromotive force constant)

Rd = 174,7 mOhm (electric resistance)

L = ??? (electric inductance)

J = ??? (moment of inertia of the rotor)

b = ??? (dumping ratio of the mechanical system)

I guess I can figure out the moment of inertia J, as I've got one broken engine I could weight / measure. Do you have any idea what L / b can be? I would be best to also take propeller characteristics into account (for example APC 10x4,7 http://www.ae.illinois.edu/m-selig/props/propDB.html#APC).



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  • Regarding the inductance, L : That could be determined with a L/C meter or a specification not normally published by the manufacturer (as in most RC folks don't care).

    It will be necessary to determine the configuration of the windings of the motor - delta or wye.


    Oh, is this an electrical simulation or a mechanical simulation?

    After rereading your query, it is starting to look mechanical to me.

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