Have been having a problem with my ready to fly Arducopter since it's first flight.  There are no bullet connectors, messed a little with the in loiter PIDs (no noticeable change), I have foam over the barometer, software is up to date, and the compass is securely mounted.


Watch when it comes close.  The copter tends to jerk back and forth repeatedly.  There doesn't seem to be one side it favors.


This one totally has me stumped.  Any thoughts?



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How does it behave in Stabilise? Sounds like it was a bit windy (gusty?) and that the quad could do with some basic PID tuning to me. 



It flies the same in stabilize as shown.  I couldn't get an ideal day to fly so I wanted to show the wobble.  That rocking you see back in forth is very consistent in all modes.  The middle of the video highlights the problem I have been having best. 


Definitely not ruling out the PIDS, just seems odd to be consistent over all modes and at least 4 firmware versions.

Hello Ben,

This is a wobble effect in stable mode, try increasing I and lowering P... I suggest you strongly to see this excellent tuto with very helpful videos about the PID tuning of the Arducopter at:


Here the video which explains you the problem and its solution:

Good tuning, Jean-Louis

Thanks Peter and Jean-Louis,  I will tune it once I get some good weather.  I will try to post a video of the results later this week.



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