I am currently using a Pixhawk flight controller, but I am building a 250 mini quad and would like something smaller and cheaper.  I am not going to do autonomous mission and don't need a GPS, but I would like to ability to add one later.

Are there other smaller arducopter flight controllers out there?  What are their disadvantages?

I am use to the APM mission planner, but what about other types of flight controllers?  Are they as easy to set up and use as the Pixhawk?



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Do a google search, there is a mini-APM or you could try a KK2 board.

RC Model Review of Naze32

A larger number of mini-quad owners use the Naze32 board.  Much better choice vs the KK2.  The full board come with a barometer and magnetic compass built in.  Most popular software is BaseFlight Configurator, a free Google Chrome app used to set up and configure board.

I replaced my KK2 board on my small quad with a Naze32 Funfly - much more stable and has Alt Hold and Simple Mode.

I use a APM 2.5.2 on my bigger quad.



Thanks for the input.  I looked those up and watch a youtube video of the set up.  I'll give that a try at some point.  For now I am comfortable using the Mission planner, so I will probably stick with an Arducopter board.  

I found called the HKPilot.  It's a smaller cheaper board that interfaces with Mission Planner.  It's from Hobby King.

Richard Boyhan,  thanks for the info.  However, suggesting a google search isn't much help.  I come on this forum in the hopes that those with a lot more experience than me, will share there knowledge and experiences. 

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