Does anyone have experience with running FlightGear as a HIL simulator for ArduCopter?

FlightGear launches and I see the quad on the runway, but when I use my radio to arm the motors and take off, nothing happens.

Thanks for your time.

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I should mention that I added #define HIL_MODE HIL_MODE_ATTITUDE to the config file.

Ok. I was able to get the throttle channel working. Now pitch doesn't work at all and the yaw creates a really large oscillation.

OK! If anyone else has issues with this here is the solution.

1. Don't forget to click "Sim Link Start/Stop"

2. Make sure that your config file or firmware is for quad in the + configuration

3. Lower your P gains

And it works!

hey Adam, 

I am trying HIL with flight gear. How ever I am not able to make it work. I have uploaded the code and then created a batch file. after that I have done "sim link Start/stop" but still I am not able to make it fly. Am I missing something?

Please help me, Thank you :)

Kate: I have not used Flightgear for a very long time and at this point a lot has changed in the ArduCopter codebase. Unfortunately I don't have any more pointers than the ones listed above.

Has anyone been able to successfully use HIL simulation with FlightGear recently?  My attempt today (following the instructions on the wiki) failed, and it appeared that there was a communication problem between the mission planner and FG.  The planner showed values being sent to the motors corresponding to my inputs, but FG did not seem to be receiving them.  I don't know enough about FlightGear to troubleshoot this effectively, and it seems like many others have had problems as well.

So before I dig any deeper into it, I'd really like to have confirmation that it even works at all.

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