• Has anyone been able to successfully use HIL simulation with FlightGear recently?  My attempt today (following the instructions on the wiki) failed, and it appeared that there was a communication problem between the mission planner and FG.  The planner showed values being sent to the motors corresponding to my inputs, but FG did not seem to be receiving them.  I don't know enough about FlightGear to troubleshoot this effectively, and it seems like many others have had problems as well.

    So before I dig any deeper into it, I'd really like to have confirmation that it even works at all.

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    OK! If anyone else has issues with this here is the solution.

    1. Don't forget to click "Sim Link Start/Stop"

    2. Make sure that your config file or firmware is for quad in the + configuration

    3. Lower your P gains

    And it works!

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    Ok. I was able to get the throttle channel working. Now pitch doesn't work at all and the yaw creates a really large oscillation.

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    I should mention that I added #define HIL_MODE HIL_MODE_ATTITUDE to the config file.

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