ArduCopter Flipped with camera payload

I'm not sure what happened here so I'm hoping that someone could look at the video and give me some ideas.It was in stable flight mode.It started to drift to the left and as I was correcting, the quad started to slightly oscillate left and right, then the left motor seemed to stop and the quad flipped upside down and drilled into the groundThe camera was pointed straight down during the flight. The camera adds 7.8oz. This was the first flight that I had added the extra weight. The quad required more thrust but seemed stable.I have not looked at the solder joints on the bullet connectors -- but the connectors themselves are tight.As a side note there was not any damage to the quad. I removed the camera and flew it again

quad crash_x264.mp4

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    Yes it seems that there has been a lot of issues with those soldered bullets. They will be removed from next motors/esc's. Well not totally removed to placed in accessory bags. That way people who want to solder them can do it. Our factories were already informed this issue and their latest ESCs were a lot better.

    We are constantly looking new and better bullets that we could use. Or other methods how to connect ESC and Motors easily.

  • Just an update. I cut out the bullet connectors and soldered the wires this weekend. The quad flew flawless. I attached. An image showing the issue with one connector. Looks like a cold solder joint. Thank you all for the support.

  • Thanks for the ideas, I will cut the connectors out this weekend and solder them up. I will post back with the results.



  • I just had the same frigging thing happen! I did not resolder a new motor's bullet connectors. Almost all of the bullet connectors that I received from Fah Pah have been supplied with physically solid solder joints but fail after some time. They must be done with a "cold" iron and maybe lead free crap.

    If I can get mine going again, it will be hard wired as John suggests. There is no redundancy with quads. I saw a video with a hexacopter and they seem to still fly with a motor outage. Quadcopter 0, ground 1.

  • I would *immediately* remove the bullet connectors and hard-solder the ESC to motor connections.


    The weight didn't cause that.  You may need to trim on the Tx if it's not balanced weight, and don't descend too fast, but I have not had a single dropout like that in probably 4 hours of total flight time with and without a camera on front.  *AFTER* I hard-soldered those connectors.


    And I've got a seriously crappy camera mount.








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