Could I have some help please Gang !

My 450 frame is setup and fly's with out to many issues.  Yaw works perfectly but I have one issue I cant resolve. When I go to bring the quad copter in a straight forward direction the front right arm drops much further than the front left and in turn pulls the frame off on a diagonal right direction, it then does the opposite in reverse.  I can get It to fly straight by compensating with the control.


Has any one got any clues please ? I'm sure its a setting but my concern is it may be a compass issue if not ?


Any assistance is much appreciated.



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  • Make sure your tx is in Airplane, not heli, mode.
    Also, make sure simple mode is turned off (box unchecked in mission planner flight modes setup) for the mode(s) you are using.
  • Hi Matt,

    Is your frame set up to fly as a + or x , have you maybe loaded the wrong type when you set the frame up in mission planner, and have you got the APM set in the frame in the correct orientation for the frame type that you have chosen.

    The reason I am asking is the APM is mounted differently by 45degrees in the two types of set up.

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