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Had a career in construction, but moving on to pastures new.

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A lifelong interest in model aeroplanes, started out with control line models, then onto RC and now SUAV's. Interested in their commercial use. Current fleet:- 2 x Dynam HawkSky 1 retired due to landing rash, Bixler (still in box), Arducopter quadcopter, 2 x APM1, PX4, Pixhawk. Storm wing (yet to fly), Cropcam (still unflown) Currently flying fixed wing with APM1.Latest acquisition Phantom 2 with GoPro. Currently acquiring BNUC.


Kinross, Scotland

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Martin Poller replied to Stephen Tomlin's discussion Tower type app for IPad.
"You can feed the telemetry signal into a WiFi module connected locally to the iPad so you are not limited to the range of the WiFi."
Oct 29, 2018
Martin Poller replied to Steve Williams's discussion Can I use my Futaba 9C/sbus with pixhawk. Or am I destined to by a Taranis or ?
"If you are still using the original Tx module and receiver and a PPM encoder then you may well be having problems.
I still use my faithfull T9C and T9C super but have fitted a FRSky 2.4 Tx module and a D4R-II receiver using ppsum, and these work…"
Feb 25, 2018
Martin Poller replied to chris mdn's discussion SITL and X-plane 10
"Just click on the plane icon bottom left and the sitl code will load automatically for you, make sure your virus ware doesn't block it.
The code has overtaken the instructions in the wiki I think. "
May 21, 2017
Martin Poller replied to Pete Gibbons's discussion Auto Mission Very Sloppy
"Hi Pete,
You need to autotune first, if you've not done this then your plane won't navigate accurately.
Once aututuned then proceed to navigation tuning here
Once you've been through this or if you've read it already then I think you should set up a…"
Jan 17, 2017
Martin Poller commented on keeyen pang's blog post Camera Trigger and Geo Tag Images - Part 2
"Thanks for taking time post both parts, very helpful and informative for all of us."
Apr 8, 2016
Martin Poller replied to Виталик's discussion How do I get to work with APM Modem XBee
"have you read this"
Mar 26, 2016
Martin Poller replied to Alex's discussion Trouble loading firmware on APM 2.5
"AC 3.3 won't fit on an APM 2.5 you need to go back  to AC v3.2.1"
Mar 24, 2016
Martin Poller replied to Ned Horning's discussion The right tool for the job in Agricultural UAVs
"here is one suggestion."
Mar 8, 2016
Martin Poller left a comment on PIXHAWK
"@Martin You can buy pre-crimped single cables of various lengths and colours together with the DF13 connectors (Hirose) of any number of ways that you require from Digikey here You can use these to make up any cable you need.
I bought mine from them…"
Feb 26, 2016
Martin Poller replied to ReconJohn's discussion HK PILOT 32 -TURNIGY 9X - PPM Encoder -FLIGHT MODE switch
"did you try here, works well for me although I don't use a ppm encoder."
Feb 14, 2016
Martin Poller replied to Charl Mc Gregor's discussion AdruPlane 3.4 crash in manual mode
"Yes in manual mode moving the stick right is high value, the right aileron will move up, this will drop the right wing and the plane will roll to the right, similarly left stick moves left aileron up.
Be sure to check using FBWA mode that the…"
Feb 13, 2016
Martin Poller replied to Airflix Drone Solutions's discussion No bars in initial setup of Radio Calibration
"Did you hold down the red flashing arming button to arm the servos?
It's normal convention to have your elevons on channels 1 & 2 and the throttle on channel 3, not just from the servo main outs but also on the transmitter, I don't have a taranis…"
Feb 2, 2016
Martin Poller replied to Airflix Drone Solutions's discussion No bars in initial setup of Radio Calibration
"I don't think that you are powering the receiver.
You need to power up the servo rail, connect your esc to main out 3, this will power the rail and the receiver. 
Also you should connect all three wires of your wing servos to Main out 1 and 2, not…"
Jan 30, 2016
Martin Poller replied to Jacques Eloff's discussion Can't get RCn_FUNCTION to work on Aux5 and Aux6 (RC13 and RC14) in ArduPlane User Group
"Hi jacques, did you set the parameter BRD_PWM_CNT=6 to enable the six aux outputs to RC9 to RC14. It's set to 4 by default so Aux5 and 6 would still be digital."
Jan 25, 2016
Martin Poller replied to Kito Kid's discussion GPS location keeps changing while it's on table !
"Okay, I'll bite,
If it's sitting on a table inside your house why would you expect it to have a good GPS lock.
It needs to be outside with a good clear view of the sky with no obstacles within 100m or so around it, i.e. trees or high buildings, for…"
Nov 18, 2015
Martin Poller replied to Martin Poller's discussion SITL - window access error
"You can find Mission Planner here
Sorry for the duplicate reply Jack."
Nov 3, 2015