Can anyone tell me, or give a link to information, on how I would go about editing Mission Planner, in particular the Auto waypoint function that generates grid version2 so that it generates the waypoint file with either DO_SET_SERVO or DO_SET_RELAY rather than the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command that it currently generates at each waypoint.

I know I can generate the file and edit the command manually but it would save time if I could do this automatically..

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are you using arduplane or arducopter?


I'm using the  HIL version of arduplane 2.69, on a APM1.

I'm using the grid generator to trigger the camera via USB, it works great.

what command do you need it to send?

I would like to replace the single line DO-DIGICAM_CONTROL  command with a two line DO_SET_SERVO command, and if possible to have the DO_SET_SERVO commands already populated with the servo # and ppw value.

Would be very interesting we could set the servo actuation time in 0'x s

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