Hello DIY Drones community,

Gear: APM 2.5, Spektrum DX8 with AR8000 receiver.

I am a newbie to this hobby. I have purchased pre-assembled Arducopter and Spectrum DX8. Only wiring i had to do was between APM and AR8000. I am able to bind DX8 with AR8000 (light turn ON on AR8000) 

I followed Arducopter wiki guide. I am stuck at ESC calibration step 



  1. Disconnect USB and battery. The entire system must not have power
  2. Turn your radio on and put the radio throttle stick at maximum.
  3. Connect the Lipo to power the APM, radio receiver and ESCs. You will probably hear one or two short musical tone from the ESCs.
  4. When the APM boots, the Red-Blue LEDs will cycle slowly and continuously
  5. Leaving the throttle stick at full, disconnect the Lipo and reconnect it again to reboot the APM and power the system. The APM will now pass the radio signal directly to the ESCs, triggering calibration. The Red-Blue LEDs will cycle quickly - You will probably hear the short musical note and then 2 beeps (it depends on what brand of ESC you have; the 3DR ones will do as described). After the two beeps there is a pause, during this pause drop the throttle to full down. You should hear confirmation/arming beeps. Move quickly to the next step.
  6. Do not unplug, move the throttle up a little to confirm all ESCs are armed and the motors are working in sync.


I hear no confirmation in step 5 when i move the throttle stick down. and ofcourse step 6 is not working for me. motors are not spinning :(

any help will be appreciated  as the snow melted away and i am excited to fly the arducopter for the first time. I am from Minnesota!!



wiring on APM Inputs

One Whilte, three orange and two yellow are in "S" Channel 1 to 6

One Red are in '+' Channel 8

One Black are in '-' Channel 8

AR8000 wiring

six wires (white, orange and yellow) are in the bottom pins of AR8000 (see the attach image)

Black wire is in Top pin AUX 2

Red wire is in Middle pin AUX 2

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what ESC's are you using? Do you have a PIC?

Radio calibration? ESCs like to see a few clicks below minimum stick by using the trim.

Is your DX8 in ACRO mode and not HELI mode?

This experience is common. It happened to me too. You will get through it.

Set-up on!


ESC 20 Amp and Motor AC2830-358, 850Kv


I see there is L TRIM and R TRIM buttons on DX8. when you say "few clicks below", do you mean to click both few times? 

DX8 is in ACRO mode. Thanks for your help. 

Did you first calibrate your radio to APM, then calibrate ESC?

Make sure the PWM signal of the throttle gets to 1000 or lower.  After that, try to arm.  If that doesn't work try down and left to arm.  If that works you will need to reverse the rudder channel.  This type of info needs to have a bigger spot "somewhere" in the setup guide.


+1-- That's a good point... I didn't even think about that!

I was saying picture

Was a solution found to this???? I have a DX8 and cannot arm the APM2 despite having calibrated everything more than once. Just get a continuous flashing red from the board.

what he is saying is that the APM is looking for a low value coming from the RX... if you watch the APM during radio setup you will see the radio signal go from high (around 2000) to low (around 1000). In order for the APM to arm you radio must be putting out a low value on the throttle (around 1000) and a high value from your rudder (around 2000). This will indicate to the APM that you are holding the throttle down and to the right... you must hold it for about 2+ sec. for it to arm.

Hope that helps

Are you seeing a low value from the throttle and a high value from the yaw?

Have you followed this setup guide?


If all the above is true you *might* have some channels reversed on the TX. What mode are you trying to fly in on the radio (i.e. Plane or Helli)?

Also, connect MP and look at the messages in the HUD. If you have not calibrated the accelerometers or compass it will not arm and warn you in the HUD with a message like "INS not calibrated" and "Pre Arm: Compass XXXX" 

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