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    Sorry to revive an old topic, but I would like to make a fixed-wing UAV that can take off vertically, and the panther UAV looks very interesting.
    But my question is about on-board electronics : can APM 2.5 control a drone similar to the panther? The problem is that it's a mix of Arduplane and Arducoper.
    It would have to take off alone vertically, with three engines, then lower two engines and turn off the 3rd one.
    Is it possible to set its own instruction (for the transition), sort of script? Or am I forced to do programming?
    And there would also be an other problem : power variations of motors should stop when drone is on plane mode (and only ailerons should move).

    If none of this can be done "easily" or so, I will settle for a quadricopter. ^^" But for now I'm just looking for information ^^"

    Thank you for your answers.

    ps : sorry if I have made ​​some mistakes in English :S



    this is from a while back.  check out his other videos.  I think this is what your after.....But with a Turbine powered Jet.!

  • Take a look at Aurora Flight Sciences' Excalibur concept:



    You can see how they have two props that telescope out of the wing tips in the upper right picture on that page.  Here is a video of their first flight:



  • I have been looking to make some version of the the Panther VTOL drone from Israel.  Here is some info.  It is not a quad, but is a tricopter configuration.  Looks like a good start.  It is tilt  rotor instead of tilt wing. 


    IAI Panther

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Israel Aerospace Industries Panther is a tilt-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) produced by Israel Aircraft Industries in Israel.

    The Panther employs a tilt-rotor propulsion system patented by IAI and designed for tactical use, allowing runway-free takeoffs and landings on unprepared locations. It features three "ultra-quiet" electric motors, two of which are tilt-rotor and one providing additional lift for hovering, takeoff and landing.[1][2] An automatic flight-control system controls the transition between the rotors' various positions.

    A smaller version of the Panther, the Mini-Panther, is also available. Weighing 12 kg and capable of loitering for about two hours,[3] it is controlled from a command and control center carried in backpacks by two operators.[2]

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    Hai i've been actually thinking it even further than that. A bit like hybrid plane that you would have a plane shape having a pusher motor like in stryker/skyfun and then having quad rotor in wings. This way you could fly safe and far in airplane mode but you could also transform flight mode as quad copter.


    Would be rather good for shortrange and longrange missions.

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