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Bot_1 commented on Matthew Beck's blog post FAA Grounds Local Aerial Photo Business
"I will do some research and contact Charles to see if he wants to sue the  FAA.  I will see if I can take it as a pro bono case and have some law students work on this.  I need to determine the specifics.  I am on the road right now so it will take…"
Mar 18, 2013
Bot_1 replied to filip vandamme's discussion Arming the hexa motors ....
"I have admit that the original JrDrones videos on this were what allowed me to first figure this out."
Jan 3, 2012
Bot_1 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Udrones now selling RTF ArduPlanes
"One of the best things in my newly adopted hobby is the strength and depth of knowledge of this online community and the revolution that the internet has brought to all walks of life.  The collective know-how of the DIY Drones community has allowed…"
Dec 22, 2011
Bot_1 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Udrones now selling RTF ArduPlanes
"I like the the looks of the setup and just put in an order.  I purchase a quad copter from these guys and they provided great support.  Yes,  I did not spend the hours building the quad, but without this route, I would never be part of this…"
Dec 21, 2011
Bot_1 replied to Geir Engebakken's discussion sonar does not work in 2.1
"I also upgraded and cannot get into the CLI.  When I am in terminal mode random characters jump on to the screen and then I hit enter 3 times.  At that point between the junk I can see the magnometes initialize.  Then it stops working.

I must be…"
Dec 21, 2011
Bot_1 replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter 2.0.55

I installed the 2.0.55 version to upgrade my Arducopter.  I had installed strip lighting according to the Wiki and in the prior versions of the code, the lights blinked.  Now the light go on but do not flash.  I assume that this code got squeezed…"
Dec 5, 2011
Bot_1 posted a discussion
I am lucky and have only flown my arducopter in sunny San Diego.  I will have a chance to use during a winter vactaion soon.  I want to gain piloting experience in the the cold, windy and low visability conditions. Has anyone done much flyin in the…
Dec 5, 2011
Bot_1 commented on Ravi's blog post rotary engines for UAV
"Any details on pricing?  Looks really nice.  Rotary engines were very good in certain cars, but these were gasoline fueled.
Oct 16, 2011
Bot_1 replied to Hai Tran's discussion Arducopter Quad + Plane
"I have been looking to make some version of the the Panther VTOL drone from Israel.  Here is some info.  It is not a quad, but is a tricopter configuration.  Looks like a good start.  It is tilt  rotor instead of tilt wing. 

IAI Panther
Aug 2, 2011
Bot_1 replied to Nick Wadman's discussion Initial setup of arducopter
"Use the wkii and do the cli set up.   The esc calibration under the new apm is different.  Search and find esc calibration on the wikii site.  The trick for this part is you have to switch to the fly mode.  If the radio is not calibrated it means…"
Jun 24, 2011
Bot_1 posted a discussion
I got my ready to fly from udrones.  I have flown it a bunch.  I decided to upgrade using the mission planner to AC2 2.0.25 beta.  The CLI menu has changed and I do not know how to calibrate the esc and motors.  Do you use esc or motors…
Jun 20, 2011