The latest AC2 code is posted. This is the last code before the big switchover to APM2 codebase.


What you should expect: More stability and better handling, especially if your CG is not centered. 


Heres the update list from the downloads section:

Most stable flying version yet. Includes new stability patch by default and a new DCM gain and clamp value that should reduce drift due to linear acceleration in missions or long flights.
Switched rate gain calculation to use raw IMU rather than the DCM's omega. This crisps up the response a lot.
1280 has lost local flash logging, sorry, but it's just not supportable any longer.
some older tests have returned now the program memory is freed.
Remember, to use the new logging format on the 2560, you need to erase it at least once to format it.


He're the video showing just the control loop patch. The DCM patch was added later and improved the handling some more.


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Hi Jason, you are making a great work, time to time going better. I've a strange issue on fly, i was flying in stabilize mode, all ok, then switch to altitude hold and all ok, when i tryed to switch in fly to loiter mode, (20 meters away and 10 hight) all shut down, motors, rc didn't control, and it went down. Luckely on the grass and nothing break out.

The next time I try without propeller in a "hand made test" to see if it is all ok, (with a hand test i try to go away from the Gps lock point and 2 meters up, but what was the issue? have you ever seen something about?

Really a good work, Hi.



I'd love to help figure this out. I've heard one or two similar reports but I've not figured anything out. A flash log would go a long way. Can you download one?


YHEA !!! That what I'm talking about !!!

Jason :) Its fun to see you getting more aggressive in the air !!!

Well done !!!

ok at soon as possible.


What exactly do you mean by "big switchover to APM2 codebase"?

The next code will support the APM V3 boards?  Will it still work with APM 2560?

I noticed you didn't institute the "patch" for tail control on trad. helis?  Is it just because it's untested yet?  Or some other reason?

Your video looks interesting.  Not only do you have that weight, but it's swinging making it that much worse!

Great video...  Do you think that this will have a positive effect on handling windy conditions?

Not sure why but am getting compiling errors in Arduino 1.0. The Arducopter directory is copied to the Arduino directory and all of the Arducopter (GIT) libraries are copied to the library folder in the Arduino directory as well. The errors are as shown below. Is there a change in any of the .pde files that I need to address that would keep this from compiling? Thanks...

In file included from C:\Users\steve\Documents\Sketchbook\arduino-1.0\libraries\FastSerial/BetterStream.h:16,
                 from C:\Users\steve\Documents\Sketchbook\arduino-1.0\libraries\FastSerial/FastSerial.h:56,
                 from ArduCopter.cpp:50:
C:\Users\steve\Documents\Sketchbook\arduino-1.0\libraries\FastSerial/../AP_Common/AP_Common.h:19:20: error: wiring.h: No such file or directory
In file included from C:\Users\steve\Documents\Sketchbook\arduino-1.0\libraries\AP_DCM/AP_DCM.h:8,
                 from ArduCopter.cpp:62:
C:\Users\steve\Documents\Sketchbook\arduino-1.0\libraries\AP_DCM/AP_DCM_HIL.h:7:22: error: WProgram.h: No such file or directory
In file included from ArduCopter.cpp:50:
C:\Users\steve\Documents\Sketchbook\arduino-1.0\libraries\FastSerial/FastSerial.h:119: error: conflicting return type specified for 'virtual void FastSerial::write(uint8_t)'
C:\Users\steve\Documents\Sketchbook\arduino-1.0\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/Print.h:48: error:   overriding 'virtual size_t Print::write(uint8_t)'

I thinking is ALT Hold  not same is .54 ? 

Your Arduino app isn't seeing the Library. Double check the path and (link to the parent folder.) Then restart.

Oh and I'm not sure Arduino 1.0 works yet.

The new APM 2 code base is mostly library changes. It will work on the APM1 (2560) without issue.


Thanks Jason. I'll look into the version.

Identical alt hold behavior to 54.

Now, I will testing it. 

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