I have 2 3800mah battery, 3S with 30C power.

Motors are 450w and 930KV

Propeller 12x4.5

Everything is set properly.

ESC calibrated using auto mode (calibrated all ESCs at one time)

Motors are same

ArduPilotMega 1.4 with 2560 processor

IMU Shield attached also.

Motors calibrated

ESCs calibrated

Body (frame) of quad is fixed and checked multiple times, gyro shows good.

Anytime I start engines using my RC (Futaba 6EX), it starts spinning/rotating around itself and sometimes it takes off over two legs and rotates over two legs.

Seems like two motors spins faster than 2 other motors, sometimes 3 motors faster than other 1.

I tried Takeoff mode, auto mode, stabilize mode and guided mode. None made change!

CW and CCW propeller and motor spin side checked multiple times. No worries.

When I push throttle just two legs goes up and arducopter rotates.

I had 4-5 takeoffs but suddenly it crashed to something, because it was always going to one side, like I push it to move left, it was always going to left after takeoff.

What do you suggest? What I'm doing wrong? Any suggestion? Please help me.


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I don't have GPS (no need for now)

I checked manual and all possible solutions for myself, just I didn't understood this one:


  1. Was the quad stable and flat for the whole calibration routine at startup? Was it stable and flat during the setup process? (If need be, do it again)"

Does it mean ESC calibration? If so I did it correct.

Also I don't know level calibration of frame. If you think it's the problem, please advice how I can do it, I can't find manual for it.

Also I don't know PID changes required for my frame, it's not 3DR original arducopter frame, how can I find correct settings for my frame?


One thing I'm learning about, if you have your power wires close to the magnetic chip, it can affect the heading, quite severely.  Make sure the battery wires, and wires for the motors are not at all close to the magnetic heading chip.  This chip is on the same daughter board as the GPS board.

Dan Gray

Mark- in order to level your frame, you must literally use a level  ( like a framing level pictured above ) across 2 of the arms, nearer to the motor. when the level is level, the bubble in the tube will be inbetween the two lines like in the diagram. Level it across 2 axes X and Y ( looking down on it) Basically ensure that the frame is level sitting on a desk, table or floor, whatever you desire, and prop it up in order to be level as it is connected to the APM. Make sure you hit the connect button in order to see the options which are available under the configuration menu. If you are connected, click another menu then return as it will not update itself automatically.

Hope that helps


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