I'm busy setting up a DIY quad with an APM1. Downloaded the latest Mission Planner and now going through the steps to set the quad up. Everything including baud and com port are set correctly.

But I have discovered some inconsistencies with program and the manual that I thought would've been sorted out by now (or have I made a mistake somewhere?).

After following instructions on This page it says "You can tell that it's working by leaving the USB plugged in, closing the firmware uploader and switching the Mission Planner Terminal. If you hit "Enter" three times, the Command Line Interpreter should come up: "

This is what comes up on my side after hitting "enter" 3 times:

(the 3 lower "ArduCopter V2.2 b2]" lines are what appear after each "enter" press)


Is this what's supposed to show up now?

There are others which I'll bring up shortly

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Yes. Type "help" and press enter. , but why not just do all your setup thought the mp?

Thanks. I did so because it says a few times on the manual to use the Mission planner terminal (or CLI).

eg. I can't do the motor test (and others from just the mission planner), can't do an erase nor reset from MP

2) In "Position" mode the MP says "Stabilize"...

3) No yaw numerical value shown in Radio Input of APM setup, all the others show a numerical value.

Graham: the manual is just a little behind the latest code. There are hundreds of screen shots in the manual and we can't update them all weekly at the pace the code evolves. If you'd like to help us by reviewing the screenshots and updating as necessary, I'd be delighted to give you Git access to do that. Please just PM me. 

Hey Chris, I dont mind helping with the manual :)

PM sent

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