ArduCopter Shipping?

Not sure if this is discussed elsewhere, but I ordered a ArduCopter full electronics on 17th Nov from FahPah. It is still in processing on site. I have tried contacting them and have had not response for the last week. So does anyone know are they shipping them? I dont mind waiting as long as I know what is happening to my $500.I am really looking forward to getting one up....I also see that the order page now says "Currently Unavailable" when a few weeks ago it said PreOrder?

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  • Mine has arrived - awesome kit - it went together quicker then I thought - an afternoon and it is done - Now I have to figure out the software

    Good quality kit!
  • Received mine today, order #125 I think.
  • mine shipped fedex ground yesterday. should be here tuesday. It has to make a long trek to tn. I really can't wait until it gets here though.
  • Has anyone yet to receive theirs that ordered from DIY store???
  • Hello, I have Arducopter N° 115 and I received a message of paypal.
    It is dispatched today.
  • Tried afterwards to order a Mag, but they did not reply, so I just left it - will order it and some spare parts once things settle down.
  • ooohhh..I also ordered on 17th Nov.. How come you got shipped..Mine is 229.. Just kidding.. I think I am close.. still no email from paypal. DId you order Mag also ?

  • I ordered on the 17th November for the full $500 pack. Just got the Paypal email
  • congrates.. When did you order ? MIne is 229 still no news..

  • Hey - my order has shiiped on DHL - mine is order 230 - so will keep you posted!
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