Good day everyone,

I'm really confused on which power port should I use. I'm planning to connect my ArduIMU+ V3 with arduino mega 2560.

My question is, can I use the +5v as power source for my IMU? will it operate well?

Or, Should I use the one labelled as 6 ~ 8v? Which power port should I use, I'm planning to have a common ground and power input with the arduino? Is the +5V of the FTDI port Ok? or should I use the 6~8v?

Thank you so much,

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As far as I know, the 6-8v input is passed through a regulator and stepped down to 5v.

Mine works fine running off the Mega 2560's 5v.

thanks kev,

It works just fine


I also want to power the ArduIMU+ V3 with 5V instead of 6 - 8 V

Can I supply 5V to the FTDI port of the IMU without any problems (e.g. problems with the onboard 5V regulator)

or did you use the 6-8V input ?

Does anyone know the type number of the onboard 5V regulator ?



I am using the ArduIMU+ V3 with the arduino mega 2560.  I use the same 5V source to power both the mega and IMU.  I power the IMU via the FTDI header.  This simplifies things.  When programming the IMU, I use the FTDI cable.  When using the IMU data, I use a hand made cable that connects the the mega (common ground and power.  I use Serial1).

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