Hey guys,

Check out this video of my most recent Arduino based scratch built RC airplane! Right now it is manually flown (with a scratch built Arduino transmitter), but I plan on developing autopilot modes and eventually make it fully autonomous - including takeoff and landing.


The main flight itself is relatively uneventful, but the takeoff and landing are quite interesting!


Ground Station:
- 2 analog Aurora RC Joysticks
- 4 2nd order analog butterworth filters (one for each analog input)
- A set of 3 high/low rate switches (elevator, aileron, and rudder)
- 3S Lipo
- Teensy 3.5
- XBee Pro S1

On Board Avionics:
- 5 HK4711MG high torque digital servos (2 aileron, 1 elevator, 1 rudder, 1 nosewheel)
- 1 UBLOX NEO-6m GPS receiver and active external antenna
- 1 LidarLite V3 altimeter
- 1 BNO055 IMU
- 1 PCA9685 servo driver
- 1 30A ESC
- 1 2200mAh 3S Lipo
- 1 10A BEC
- 1 1200KV brushless motor
- 1 XBee Pro S1
- 1 Arduino Mega 2560

- Body is 3D printed
- Wings are made from Dollar Store foam board (Readyboard)
- I did all the software, electronics design, and frame design myself (including the 3d modeling and printing)

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