Ardu-Mega/Oilpan - Spektrum DX8?

Anyone get a DX8 - AR8000 receiver to work with the APM? I'm stuck with mine just showing 1200 as the value of the inputs..Yes, it's connected right, yes the receiver works perfectly, yes, I've tried 11ms vs. 22ms and DSMX vs DSM2... nothing works. I don't have another spare receiver handy and I read that someone else had this issue, how do you resolve it... I suspect it's some incompatibility with the fast receiver, but that's just a guess. I also went as far as to reload the PPM encoder, still no joy...Alan

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  • Hi Alan,

    I also want to use the DX8 with ArduPilotMega IMU Shield/OilPan hardware. Does it still work for you or did further problems occur ? Could you describe me your settings on the DX8 ?




  • Never mind, for some reason, you have to have it connected to the satellite, once I did that things and rebound, things started working... bizarre...
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