Has anyone managed to get the Millswood Engineering GCS (http://www.millswoodeng.com.au/fd_gcs.html) to work with Arupilot telemetry stream?

I'm in a team to be competing in this year's Australian outback UAV challenge and we'll be using one of their failsafe devices (hopefully with Ardupilot mega when it comes out), their GCS designed to work with their failsafe device looks really nice and does a lot of what we want but it's designed to work with the attopilot telemetry format.


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Hi Andrew ,
If GCS code is shared/available then probably some one here will make it work with ardupilot but it is upto Millswoodeng to share or not to share.... , anyway I am also very much interested in their FS device but haven't figured out a way to use it effectively in my setup so far
A UDB version is being generated, which will use the Ardupilot telemetry protocol, so theoretically it should work with an Ardupilot.
Timing "soonish", definitely well before the Australian UAV Outback Challenge.
And yes, absolutely, we will share.

Its a top tool and comes with a complete recommendation from me myself and I, will be a great addition to UDB and Ardu before anybody says I am, I don't make any money from Andrew.

He has just created a great product.

I might take a couple if beers from him mind, next time I'm in Oz
Andrew , that is good work. thanks
A RoboRealm-based Ardupilot-compatible GCS has been liberated here:

Ardupilot / UDB GCS

There's also a short user guide. As I do not actually own an Ardupilot or a UDB (shame on me), there may well be bugs. Happy to fix; please just let me know.

Fantastic, fantastic groundstation.
A few dreams:
From operational point of view,
I am wondering if it is not better to ad heading+distance to plane UAV as seen from takeoff point (a compass with a dial).

Personally I prefer to show battery cell voltage rather than cumulative voltage.
reason: the autopilot can scale/renormalise, but also you can show multiple cells at once if the protocol permits.
The scale must have some room for died LiPo, LiIon etc.
Andrew must be due an award from somebody, Chris should certainly talk to him on the podcast, I bet he has a raft of good ideas.

What will the dead battery symbol be Chris?? Perhaps the GCS should swear in a language of your own choosing as well!
Awesome! I'm on the road right now and can't test it on hardware but will give it a shot on over the weekend and will post on it properly then.
I was just thinking about a dial coming from from 2V to 5V or so
it is up to the user how to interpret: sometimes main battery also powers the autopilot so no engine and lipo cell voltage under 2.7V still means autopilot works if you shut down some servos etc (but the lipo will die).
So I was thinking about a1 or few multicolored dials on a single scale.

BTW ServoStation flies in Pteryx as power supply. Robust, efficient, filters signals very well.
Big motor, autopilot and multiple servos on a single 4S battery.
Thank you Nick, Krzys, Gary!

Good ideas Krzys, as always. Perhaps the Flexipilot GCS will have these excellent features :-)
From memory I don't think that Ardupilot telemetry has the right fields to calculate a vector to thegenerate these features. At least not yet - I'm sure it will evolve to include it soon enough.

And Gary, I am way too shy and boring for podcasts, please noooo!
Thanks Andrew , that is cool GCS. Downloaded , read the manual & ran it as mentioned, without connecting any thing. I like it :)). Ran into one bug in KLM screen top left,nothing special, just restarted it and playing with it now. Manual is well done , good work, pls thank the team @ ME on our behalf.
Was wondering if it was possible to connect a small 2 servo serial servo controller for antenna pan & tilt to same GCS via USB/serial port( I am not sure if ComOCom will like it or not) and small dial in GCS/GE to indicate( cosmetic) the direction antenna is pointing with respect to base/home( with distance between home and plane indicated there like Krzys said). this might eliminate the need for separate H/W ardustation.
Hi Morli,

Thankyou. It would be fairly straightforward to add the ability to drive a serial servo controller instead of a Failsafe, would just need to know the protocol. After all, the Failsafe is just an overblown serial servo controller. (The Failsafe actually supports Pololu and Scott Edwards protocols, as well as a bastardised text version of the Pololu format, which is the one the GCS uses). The tricky (i.e. fun) part would be calculating the launch to UAV vector - do you want to have a crack at it? Would need to know the launch co-ordinates, which currently are not part of Ardu telemetry, but these could simply be added to the config file instead (arguably a more sensible way of doing it).


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