ArduPilot Boat

I'm planning to build a slow going "large" ardupilot boat out of pvc pipes. 

For steering I would like to use two engines, and change the throttle to go port and starboard.

I have bought these engines:

But I'm stuck at trying to find the gear I need. I need some propellers, i guess it would be best with a pair of left and right going props?
And I guess i need some kind of a drive/propeller shaft, and something for them to go through the hull.

And I need two ESC.

Any ideas for a parts which fits?

Guess I should have started to ask questions first, and not bought a few parts, but :)

So far I have a ArduPilot 2,6 and the engine. 

The project will be used together with a Lowrance Fishfinder / Chartplotter as that log more information that just the depth, it also gives an idea about what kind of bottom it is (stones, mud, clay etc)


Carl Stiegler

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  • Any updates on your project?


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