Ardupilot Code

Can anyone supply me a sampl eof some "Working Code". I'm very new to programming, and what I know about it could get me into jail. But i'm willing to learn and figure it out.Is it possible for someone to send me some actuall working codes for the ardupilot, by this i mean code that includes waypoint (alt, lon, lat) and everything else that is needed. I basically want to look over the code and figure out what is going on.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Andre

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  • Read here and you'll find also the code.
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Aug 31
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"I recently switched laptops and now have Windows 10. I installed Mission Planner on my laptop and plugged a mRo SiK Telemetry Radio into the USB port. The radio is not recognized on the com ports but is instead on the "Other Devices" tab in Device…"
Aug 20