Hi Guys, I ordered a The Hunter-Vtail frame from qcrc.ca and was wondering can ArduPilot Mega 2.x support this frame ???


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Search for Matt Wellington on this forum and you will find some v-tail usage of the arducopter. His got a blog with some entries. Those blog entries are about Octo/hexa though V-tail It's not nativly supported as far as I know. Maybe his got Arducopter mixing code examples available if you want to fiddle around. Just a thought.

I would like to see predefined v-tail frame setups in the Arducopter, would be nice. As there are frame kits available commercially for Quad Vtail, an optimized motor mixing for Q-Vtail in Arducopter would be nice.

I would guess Y4 mixing works (close in mixing), but not optimal. haven't tried that, just read it works. I think you can read about that at multiwii forum. I have only used Q-Vtail using multiwii and defining custom motor mixing values for this. People say Y4 mixing works for Q-vtail on multiwii but not optimal.

Multiwii got native v-tail support for quad nowdays (2.0), as predefined config option.earlier you had to go for Y4 or write custom mixing in Multiwii. In Multiwii is also very easy to write your own motor mixers, due to clever design regarding the motor mixers.


I fly custom maid V-Tails at home.

I have one with inverted V-Tail (140° angle) and another one  "normal" V-tail with an angle of 120°.

Both are flying with MultiWii Y4 settings. On the normal V-Tail (same aspect than your ordered frame), I just crossed  the Aft motors to avoid reversing code in the Yaw control.

I have also an Y6 with APM2. I just modified it with a V-Tail. The 120° setup is the same as above.

Flight is OK in Y6 APM2 config. You can see it near the end of the Share info thread.http://www.diydrones.com/forum/topics/share-your-drone-info-thread

As the V-Tail angle is close to 90° on your frame, you may have to forward your CG in order to save power  at the tail (0,707 efficiency only due to V-Tail config).


Hi Bjorn,

I tried searching but no luck .....Thanks anyway

Hi Marc,

So your VTail where do you change the setting ??



No change of settings (I use Y6 settings). I just have Aft Left Motor CW and Aft Right Motor CCW in order to get normal Yaw control.



There you have Matts page at diydrones, it might be the place to ask him regarding custom mixing for v-tail. he is disucussing mixing there. I don't think his so active there, but I guess the web site will send mails, that discussion are done at his page. I think its worth a try :=)

Seems like he started with Y6 and modified it for octo v-tail. Wouldnt be hard to do same mod for quad v-tail.

My quad v-tail based on multiwii worked perfect with default settings for the predefined quad-vtail. Used to mix my own in earlier multiwii releases, when there where no predefined option. Haven't tried v-tail on my AC2 yet, it's used for other purposes, but It would be interesting to test with AC controller as well. So pls write regarding your findings and results.

It would be great to be able help out with the development of this platform with the APM, however the availability and access to this frame is severely hindered by the current production limitation and location of production.  How do you plan to address this and get it within the United States for example?  What is the possibility to get some licensing agreements in place for production?  I would be willing to explore this with someone if they agree.

I am curretly trying to work on motor mixing for the same style of copter, by that I mean the Y4. If anyone wants to or is willing to help look at my posts and comment there.

Max, Todd

I just got notification that my Hunter VTail shipped out today, I got the 500, not the 400, but it's one platform I plan on doing a bunch of experimentation on - I have a few MultiWii which is basically the board the DiaLFonZo who designed the frame uses.  I also have KK2.0 and plan on working out settings to get the APM 2.5+ working on it.

Todd I will follow your posts and be one of your guinea pigs once I get the board and all my motors / esc's hooked up.

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