ArduPilot Mega - Blinking LED

I would like to know whice pin should the LED be inserted if i want to blink a LED on the ArduPilot Mega board ?
Is there any digital, analog, PWM pin on the ArduPilot Mega board?  

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  • is it possible to power the APM board with a 9v battery? Will the APM board become malfunction?
  • I believe digital pins are 35 , 36 and 37. These blink the leds on the IMU board, although I'm not sure which one is which.
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    There are 16 analog pins and 40 digital ones. Typically you'd just set a digital pin high to turn on LED. The schematic that shows which pins are free is here, but almost all of them are broken out so you can use them. Digital 1, 2, 3, etc..
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