I am trying to get a pixhawk 4 to run ArduRover on an RC boat with a steering servo and a throttle motor/ESC.  So far I have gotten the boat to work successfully (manual control with a transmitter) using the Pixhawk and the PX4 firmware with QGroundControl.  However, since flashing the ArduRover Firmware and using Mission Planner, I am running into some issues. 

The vehicle can connect to Mission Planner, but no battery information is displayed in the HUD.  Also, after turning the vehicle on, the ESC emits a constant beep.  The ESC is correctly powering the rail on the Power Management Board because I am able to control the servo (even though it is with the roll stick instead of the yaw stick), but I am unable to get the motors to turn at all.  I am able to successfully arm the vehicle but no motor motion. 

I have tried calibrating the ESCs using the method of setting the transmitter to full throttle before turning the vehicle on, but it never seems to flash indicating that is entering calibration mode, and the ESC keeps chirping continuously.

Some specifics:


Please help me see what I am missing in this transition from PX4 to APM.

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