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We've been using Pixhawk in our four for a long time and we've had a lot of success with it so far. Something strange happened today:

We were tuning a new platform for the application of chemicals. It was a windless day, but the takeoff did not go well, the quadruple all over control, turned and went down like a rock.
like checking there was gps glitch error and big change in the mag field. but it was stabilizing, should not turn.
The following are the specifications of the test platforms:
450mm frame
Dji 920kv Engine
5500 mah 3s battery
3DR Power Module

I'm attaching the drive link below the bin file and LOG that great if anyone could help us understand what went wrong.

video link from our drone of fumigation. (we took the pixhawk to test new firmware).


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Looks like front left motor failed to provide thrust, autopilot tried to correct for that correctly.

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