I'm pretty new to building an UAV but I've just bought a Parkzone Radian and come across the question whether it could fly autonomously with an ArduPilot plus an EM406 GPS without using Thermopiles or an IMU.

I might as well add an airspeed sensor in order to get constant airspeed but I have to sort out this question first.

Thanks in advance,
Philip Geßner.

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  • You don't need ailerons. The EasyStar has only en elevator and rudder and is used with ardupilot. Just as you would steer to compensate for when the nose dips, or a side wind catches your plane, ArduPilot would also try to *correct* the orientation. However it would have to know its orientation in order to do this - thus the IMU or thermopiles. I hope this helps.
  • From what I understand it would not work without using sensors to help the ArduPilot determine its pitch and roll. The thermopiles or IMU are used for that very purpose.
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    I doubt it. You'd need unbelievable intrinsic stability to fly that way. Pretty much only a blimp or microlight could do it, I reckon.
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