hello all,

i am just setting up my ardupilot and i have some questions (maybe a dumb one)

1) ardupilot takes the throttle, ailerons and elevator. is it possible to plug a rudder and pan and tilt direct to the receiver ?

will this have an effect on the ardupilot while it is activated ?

2) the shield V2, i read some ppl were having problems with it, i am running ardupilot 2_7_beat 3

i have loaded the code and i am almost finished setting up my plane. next i am ready to test the working parts.

i have not connected the shield V2 is this now fixed or just leave it off ?



i added a few pics of my setup,
(the second photo the IMU is mounted on its side, its now flat !)

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1) you can connect other servo's etc to the other channels of the rx, they will have no effect on AP. AP only uses aileron/rudder, elevator, throttle (if configured), AP mode select (ch5) and rudder (if configured).
2) I'm using a v2 shield and it works fine, wasn't aware of any problems with it

better to attach smaller pics if you can :)

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