I have ardupilot 2.6 mega loaded with the latest firmware installed on a flying wing with elevons.  I manually mixed the transmitter for elevons to work in manual mode and used mission planner to calibrate the radio after I setup the mix in my radio.  In manual mode everything works fine but if I switch to stablize or RTH the servos go to MAX deflection and the plane oscillates and I strip my servos.  

I have used the recalibration several times in mission planner but I can't get the APM to limit the servo travel.  Am I doing something wrong or could this be a software bug?

I have read somewhere that I should no be mixing the elevons in my transmitter and instead allow the APM to apply the mix but when I do that I can not get the elevons to work in manual mode.

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  • This is happening on me too.

    Same setup, using PixHawk, ArduPlane v3.1.1. Elevon mode.

    Did you solve the problem?

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Dec 3, 2020