trying to log in to and I keep getting a message saying my password or username is incorrect, so I try to reset my password by clicking the "I forgot my password" link. Then it says that my information is unknown.

So I try to re-register but my email is in use.

Then I tried to register with a different email address, and then I get told that my IP address is blacklisted by and CBL.

This is very strange as im at work on my work computer, so i thought maybe my work might be blocking it for some reason, so I tried to register the same details from my phone via phone data (not wifi) and get the same messages.

Hmmmm, whats going on. I need some support for some hardware/software/firmware, but can't post a question. I can't even get into contact with the moderators of that forum as you need to be logged in.

Frustrating the hell out of me!

Anybody got any advice, or a link/email to contact.

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