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Hello All,Getting a setup going. Everything appears to be working well, except the throttle.Obviously, going straight into the Rx works just fine.The ESC normally plays a startup tone, and then 3 beeps to let me know it's ready. It does this when going straight into the Rx.If I jump the Rx into the "in" side of ardupilot.And hook the ESC into channel 3 on "out" side.I get the startup tone, but not the following three beeps.Has anyone else experienced something like this?I've quadruple checked the servo connections, and they're correct.Any suggestions?Thank you!John C.

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  • hello people, i think i have a problem with the mux (ch3 and ch4), i have been searching and reading the webpage from top to bottom and i can´t make it work...

    look at this:

    GPS... OK
    IMU... OK

    CH3..........BAD TRYED CHANGING TO MUX4 not working



    any ideas?

    seems like i am going to try and fly without throttle and without rudder also (seems like ardupilot does not support using ailerons and vtail at the same time.....
    can you please give me some ideas on what else to try..... waited long time for my ardupilot to arrive... :-(
  • I don't think this is an isolated issue as I had exactly the same problem with mux 3 and only found out recently when I started using throttle. Thanks to this post I also fixed it using mux 4.
  • John, It's possibe the mux chip could have been damaged be ESD. All is not lost. You could use chn. 4 by moving the wire from mux 3 to mux 4 and solder on the extra connectors. The Aurdupiolot doesn't read inputs 3 & 4, it's not wired. These channel's outputs are just switched from computer to receiver when going to man. mode. If it works, that would confirm the problem plus get you going right away.
  • Developer
    Check the continuity between the pins and these two pins on the mux.

  • 3D Robotics
    I assume you soldered the jumper wire so channel 3 is enabled?
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    Sounds like you need to adjust the minimum throttle servo value in the header file to a lower value. I am not familiar with the Plush, but most speed controllers will not arm unless they see a low enough throttle signal (i.e. stick all the way down). If you want to test this idea hook the esc up to the rx and start it up at say 1/4 stick. If you get the same behaviour then this is what is happening and what you need to adjust. Just be careful in case the Plush does not have this feature in which case your prop will spin!
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    I believe that the ESC is looking for a throttle control signal which it gets from the Rx at power up.

    What position do you have your Ardupilot CNTL signal at when powering up? It should be in manual. Looks like the throttle control signal is not being passed through the Ardupilot mux from the Rx when in manual.

    Just a thought.

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