ArduPilot vs Paparazzi Project

Hello all,Yes I am new so the first question to fly is pros and cons between the ArduPilot and Paparazzi Project components?I will just sit back and listen to the words of experiance.ThanksGorden

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  • What Olivier didn't mention is that the MCU used on Paparazzi, the LPC2148, is an order or magnitude more capable than the Atmega168/328 used in the Ardupilot.
    - 512kB Flash vs 16/32kB
    - 32kB Ram vs 2kB/1kB
    - 32-bit core vs 8-bit core
    - 60 MIPS vs 20MIPS

    So the paparazzi board will keep going long after the ardupilot has run out of horsepower. Whether or not you need this horsepower is another matter - if you don't know enough to know whether or not you'll need it, you probably don't need it. If you want to start crunching large state vectors through estimation filters for very accurate control, you probably want the paparazzi board. As Olivier said, both can be upgraded to IMU stabilisation, and the LPC2148 will come into its own at that point. Paparazzi also uses, as standard, the u-blox 5 chipset which is about the best commercial one you can get at this level for dynamic applications like this (it is usable with the Ardupilot as well, although I believe ardupilot only currently supports the slower, universal and more cpu-intensive NMEA interface, vs the native, faster, but vendor-specific binary interface. You need the binary interface to put the ublox 5 into the optimal dynamic mode).

    Ardupilot is cheaper - really it is just a breakout board for an Atmega168 - the 'project' is the code and the other users' collective experience.

    I would say you can't go wrong with Ardupilot, especially if you're unsure. One day you may want to graduate to Paparazzi - you'll know when you do, and you'll know enough to appraise the differences yourself.

    I echo Olivier - if you're just starting out, go with Ardupilot - you've really nothing to loose.
  • Gorden: In a nutshell, Ardu Pilot is very similar to Paparazzi. Both use Infrared sensors for stabilization. Both can be upgraded in the near future to IMU stabilization.
    The main difference is that ArduPilot can be programmed via a Windows interface (Arduino IDE) and an FTDI/USB board.
    Paparazzi requires knowledge of LINUX OS (Ubuntu) and a reasonable grasp of the command line.
    Another thing to consider is price. The minimum budget with a Paparazzi is $500.00 (Board, sensors, Xbee modules etc...)
    ArduPilot will go airborne for a lot less. Around $125.00 (24,95 for the board plus IR sensors).
    In the end, it is a matter of choice. How complex do you want your system to be? How patient will you be with code?
    ArduPilot can be flown by just about anybody with basic understanding of Windows an basic RC skills.
    The choice in the end is yours. I suggest you read up on this forum about ArduPilot and its capabilities and the wiki for Paparazzi, both are full of valuable information, it will help you decide where to go.
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