ArdupilotMegaPlanner.exe. Unable to find this specific file after download


While waiting for an assembled A/P Mega to arrive, I downloaded and extracted the APM software - opened it and searched on but could not find the directed  ArdupilotMegaPlanner.exe file.  I did find a file named ArdupilotMegaPlanner.exe.config but this extension is not recognized by Windows 7.

One file I did open briefly showed a green APM title screen - then a DOS screen opened on top and hung up permanently on Waiting for serial port to open message.

0 What is the exact file name I need to look for? memory size would be a helpful checkpoint.

o or do I need to wait until the hardware and cable are in place for the hangup to go away.?


Any help off "stuck" is appreciated. NOTE. I worked through the Audupilot/IMU experience OK - what am I missing here?





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its the one with the litte green icon

Thanks Michael - that tip was helpful


Mike Cowan

Thanks Chris. I connected my ArduPilot and FTDI to the USB in lieu of an A/P mega not yet here - 2min download - clicked on your icon and instant up and connect to COM 3 at 11k baud.  Very slick and professional GUI. The A/C setup page was somehow bypassed but hey, I like a challenge. 20 years after retirement from DFCS and I couldn't resist the tiny cheap hardware.    Back in the saddle again! What fun.  Thanks so much.


Mike Cowan

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